DARIAH Funding Scheme for Working Group Activities

The DARIAH infrastructure is an open platform to bring digital arts and humanities initiatives together using open standards and policies. It commits itself to supporting open data, open access and open methods of analysis wherever possible. Only in this way can DARIAH ensure its core aims of integrating resources across Europe, of functioning as a platform for transnational research with free-to-use services and of achieving sustainability for the current and future range of European innovations in digital arts and humanities.


As an open research endeavour, DARIAH helps EU countries establish and sustain their own arts and humanities research infrastructures. DARIAH also strengthens the European Research Area (ERA) by facilitating national digital arts and humanities competence and by creating durable open structures and synergies at pan-European scale for knowledge exchange. Using innovations from the national DARIAH Members and bringing them to a European level, DARIAH is an infrastructure that concentrates in particular on cutting-edge next generation research methods and techniques.


In 2017 DARIAH set out a comprehensive Strategic Action Plan to ensure a robust internal set of mechanisms and competencies to serve the ERIC and our researcher community. The final aim is the launch of DARIAH as ‘going concern’ in 2019. The Working groups in DARIAH are a self-organised, grass-rooted mechanism to collaborate on certain issues across national and institutional boundaries. Their agenda is approved and monitored regularly. With this call DARIAH provides a funding stream to support the voluntary work in the working groups, and strengthen their role and effectiveness in DARIAH. 

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